Noel G- the celebrity who starred in Fast & Furious, Training Day, Bruce Almighty, and most recently, Lowriders Movie
9-10 June, Ft Bliss
Car Show portion is 9 June

Event Timeline
Saturday, 9 June, 2018
10am- 7pm
Sunday, 10 June, 2018
0am- 6pm

Comic Con Vendor Set- Up:
8 June | 0930

Car Show Vendor Set- Up:
9 June | 0800

VIP Dinner
Saturday, 9 June, 2018
Tentative start at 8PM

Car show timeline
LOCATION: Parking Lot in back of Theater
The show is Saturday, 9 June, 2018
Vendor Set- Up: 0800
Roll-In for vehicles: 0830
Show Starts: 1200
Rev Contest: 1400 (tentatively)
Two-Step Contest: 1500 (tentatively)
Limbo Contest: after Two-Step Contest
Awards will start: 1700
Show ends, at conclusion of awards

Citadel of the Southern Pass | Live Action Role Playing
LOCATION: Grassy area in front of Theater
Saturday, 9 June and Sunday, 10 June, 2018
1000 to 1230
1400 to 1600
Cosplay Procession
Saturday, 9 June | 1100
Heavy and light combat demos from and on both days.

Military Gamer Supply
LOCATION: Old Toys-R-Us Store Front
Saturday, 9 June  and Sunday, 10 June, 2018
MAGIC | 1300 & 1500
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS | When enough people have signed up
Demoing miniatures games and Dungeons and Dragons

Warhammer 40K
LOCATION: Old Toys-R-Us Store Front
Hosting a mass apocalypse game.

Cosplay Contest
LOCATION: Freedom Crossing Food Court
Sunday, 10 June, 2018
Starts at 4PM